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The Theme For Zethcon In 2017 Can Be Summed Up Into One Word: Growth


Some Highlights



Another stellar year for Zethcon as more and more 3PL organizations selected Synapse as their Warehouse Management Software and Solution for the future. From cold storage to the automotive industry, food grade to retail apparel, Synapse is able to handle the requirements.


Staying on top of the growing customer base, Zethcon has added employees to our our Customer Support Team as well as our R&D (Research and Development).


Improvements to our Zethcon Hosting Center with investments in new server, storage, and network hardware along with adding additional support redundancies to ensure a quality IT environment for Synapse 3PL WMS.

Upgrade to our Customer Support with the implementation of a new IT Business Management Software.


Errol Gonzales, Account Executive, achieves CWLP designation from the International Warehouse Logistics Association. He is recognized as a Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional. In part, he served on a panel at the IWLA Essentials of Warehousing Course covering the IT aspects of “How Fulfillment is Changing the Landscape of the 3PL Industry”.


Zethcon released version 2.7.2 of Synapse in 2017.

An improved API that allows a simpler way to integrate Synapse with other systems using standards-based web services. It allows for quick and easy integration with shopping carts, ERP systems, and third party tools.

An improved Customer Web Portal (WebSynapse).

Multiple enhancements to support complex omnichannel accounts.


Zethcon makes the 2017 FL100+. Food Logistics’ annual list honors the software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global food and beverage supply chain. This is the 3rd year in a row for Zethcon and Synapse making the annual list. https://cdn.baseplatform.io/files/base/acbm/fl/document/2017/12/FLOG1117_ChartFL100b.5a32874aa51e1.pdf .

BR Williams, a Trucking, Logistics and Warehousing Firm Announces a New Warehouse Management System https://www.brwilliams.com/new-warehouse-management-system/ .

Technology is a continuous change http://www.pcwc.com/news/technologyiascontinuouschange .