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Lombard, Ill. (Aug. 12, 2021) — Zethcon Corporation (www.zethcon.com), a provider of warehouse software for 3PL providers, announces the latest standard release of its flagship product, Synapse WMS. Version 3.0 features key updates, including enhanced capabilities to optimize order fulfillment processes, improved API integration and data sharing, an updated user interface and more.


“With the 3PL warehouse market rapidly evolving, our customers look to long-term partners like us to help meet demand now and in the future. This release of Synapse WMS leverages our core strengths and insights from across the industry to provide a platform built to do just that,” says Chris Oechsel, CEO, Zethcon. “Version 3.0 delivers the functionality and flexibility to meet a broad range of requirements without the need for one-off customizations – enabling a lean, high-performance platform backed by the efficient, responsive support our customers expect.”


The updated release offers improved API integrations for faster, easier data sharing and more flexible communication. This enables 3PLs to make critical information available for customers to share downstream, such as distributors communicating order status to brick-and-mortar retailers, along with enhanced data mining and reporting capabilities. In addition to supporting smooth communication through different levels of the supply chain, Synapse WMS also easily integrates with third-party utilities like shipping applications and material handling systems.


Synapse WMS 3.0 is designed to optimize e-commerce order fulfillment processes inside the warehouse, too. Whether processed by employees or robots, the WMS dictates strategies for picking workflow, packaging options and more. The platform also offers robust support for the growing range of value-added services 3PLs are asked to provide, with improved tracking and billing functionality.


The kitting functionality is completely redesigned for improved inventory tracking, an especially important feature for 3PLs charged with managing a variety of apparel, electronics and food items bundled into a range of order packages. For example, in the event a recall, users can easily pinpoint all of the product lot in question, broken down across individual and kit orders – no manual searching or accounting required.


The platform also offers an enhanced user interface, designed to not only be more intuitive, but customized for each location and user. The refresh includes smoother transitions, intuitive drop-down menus and options to tailor color and graphic style.

For more information about Zethcon and Synapse WMS, visit www.zethcon.com.


About Zethcon

Zethcon is a provider of modern warehouse software designed to drive growth, revenue and reliability for the 3PL and distribution markets. The company’s flagship product, Synapse WMS, offers broad and deep functionality in a highly configurable package, capable of matching unique customer requirements. With 50 years of experience solving customer problems with innovative technology, Zethcon is dedicated to highly responsive service and long-term partnerships.