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Zethcon has successfully implemented our flagship product, Synapse WMS, to manage 6 million square feet of warehousing space across 17 facilities for Midwest Warehouse, a third-party logistics (3PL) company. Specifically designed for the unique needs of 3PL providers, the software provides Midwest Warehouse with real-time operational views, customized automated billing and other robust capabilities to better serve customers and improve operational performance.


“We needed a more robust WMS that could provide accurate, real-time information to our customers, support a high-volume business-to-consumer ordering platform and improve our operation’s overall efficiency,” says Ed Borkowski, CEO and President, Midwest Warehouse. “We’re very glad that we partnered with the professionals at Zethcon for a project of this magnitude and look forward to working on additional projects with them in the future.”


With 225 customers and a combined throughput of 510,000 truckloads per year, Midwest Warehouse looked to Zethcon to keep critical operations on track through the implementation and maximize value from the new WMS. The company experienced immediate benefits upon implementation, including increased inventory accuracy, improved labor forecasting and increased throughput from 125 pieces per hour up to 325 pieces per hour.  Synapse WMS also allowed Midwest Warehouse to optimize its billing processes through automation, with easy configuration according to the needs of each individual customer.


“This project demonstrates just how powerful our highly configurable and comprehensive package is for the unique, varied needs of 3PL providers,” says Chris Oechsel, CEO, Zethcon. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Midwest Warehouse and supporting their needs in an evolving market.”


Building on the success of the WMS implementation, Midwest Warehouse has plans to partner with Zethcon on additional packaging, automation and robotics projects.